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I lack organization on so many levels. I wish I was one of those professionals that could organize peoples things for a living. I am so amazed at how awesome that is. To have something in one spot and be able to find it when I need it. My home office is a wreck. I try to organize it and clean up, but it only lasts for a few days before a tornado looks like it hit again.  Than I get stressed looking at the room, and keep putting it off to get organized. 

Its kinda weird that about 4 years ago I worked as a office manager for a machine shop. It was a one person office, besides the owners and shop manager. So I had full range of how things were ran. And I do have to say I kept that place together. I was so, *gasp* organized! Maybe since I was being paid to do that, I had more of a motive. But I think you could do that, than you can do it in other areas. But organzing in my free time doesnt sound that fun really. Id much rather do something fun, wouldnt anyone? 

But I need to change that way of thinking. I am running a home business now, so organization is essential. So to Ikea I will go in the next few weeks and find me tons of things to assist me. Shelves, baskets, filing system, etc. I'll only be hurting myself if I dont, and have one less thing to be stressed about. 

What a boring ramble this was :)

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